Simple, discreet, 24/7 support at home, when you need it. Your LifeLine personal alarm is always there for you. Just press the button and we’ll be there to check on you.  If you can’t talk to us, we’ll take action to make sure help reaches you.

Any one can benefit from a LifeLine, whatever your age or ability. If you’re trying to feel less anxious, have a health concern or worry about mobility, we can take the pressure off you and your loved ones.

Reassure yourself, friends and family that help is there when you need it without sacrificing your independence.

Stress-free, easy to use and simple to install, you can start using LifeLine straight away.

Benefits include:

  • Round the clock support

  • Reassurance for friends and family

  • Fast action in emergencies 

  • Choice of additional support  

  • Low costs - starting from 44p per day.


Buy a LifeLine


Speak to a member of the team about how we can support you 01733 396439. 

Extra LifeLine support

Extra support is available too, you can expand your LifeLine support to include:

  • SOS wristband

  • Smoke and heat detectors

  • Carbon Monoxide detectors

  • Secure key safe for emergency access

  • Flood detectors

  • Fall monitoring

  • Motion detectors

  • Property exit sensors

  • Epilepsy monitoring

  • Medication reminders.

Triggers let our trained team know if there’s potentially an issue at home. The team will try to talk to you and if we can’t get in touch, we’ll call your friends and family or the emergency services to make sure you’re safe.

Speak to a member of the team to find out more about these services 01733 396439.