Our Group and Residents Board

Our Board

Our Group Board has overall responsibility for our work and meets regularly to decide on strategic and policy issues. It also makes sure that we're delivering our business plan.

There are eight members on the Board, who are all trustees.

There are three categories of board membership (resident, independent and council). All members can serve for up to nine years. People become board members in the following ways:

  • the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Residents Board are the resident representatives on the Board
  • we advertise vacancies for independent members who have to go through a formal interview
  • Peterborough City Council nominates its own members.

We employ a Chief Executive who is also a member of the Board. The Chief Executive, with a team of directors and other staff, runs the company on a day-to-day basis. The Chief Executive reports to the Board and has overall responsibility for all employees and the way we deliver our services.  

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Group Board members

Pictures of Board Members

Claire Higgins 2017

Andy Orrey


Claire Higgins - CEO Andy Orrey - Chair  

Image of Suzanne O'Brien

Donald Bell

Councillor Diane Lamb, Board Member

Suzanne O'Brien Donald Bell Cllr Diane Lamb

Sam Smith

Liz Bisset

Amanda Rawlings

Cllr Sam Smith Liz Bisset

Amanda Rawlings (Co-optee)

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Our Residents Board

We set up a Residents Board to bridge the gap between the work that residents and partners do on the ground, and the decisions made at Group Board level.

With delegated powers from the Board and delegated responsibilities for the customer standards.

If you're interested in joining our Residents Board, visit our Residents Board vacancies page to get more information and apply.

For more information about the Group Board or the Residents Board, contact the Governance Manager, Cherie Titchener on: 01733 385004 or email: cherie.titchener@crosskeyshomes.co.uk.



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Residents Board Members

Our Residents Board
Beverly Starling Paul Matthews Andrew Pacey
Beverly Starling Paul Matthews Andrew Pacey
Sarah Jane Kimpton

Karen Igho

Penny Davis
Sarah Jane Kimpton Karen Igho Penelope Davis
David Barnes Tanya Meadows Paul Stacey
David Barnes Tanya Meadows
(Stakeholder Rep)
Paul Stacey
(Stakeholder Rep)


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