Our Board


Our Group Board has overall responsibility for our work and meets regularly to decide on strategic and policy issues. It also makes sure that we're delivering our business plan.

Our Residents Board bridges the gap between the work that residents and partners do on the ground, and the decisions made at Group Board level. With delegated powers and responsibilities for customer standards, the Residents Board keeps customer's needs at the heart of our business. Chair and Vice-Chair of the Residents Board represent our customers on the Group Board. 

Our Chief Executive, with a team of directors and other staff, runs the company on a day-to-day basis. The Chief Executive reports to the Board and has overall responsibility for all employees and the way we deliver our services.  

For more information about the Group Board, contact the Governance Manager, Angela Burrows on: 01733 385004 or email angela.burrows@crosskeyshomes.co.uk.

For more information about the Resident Board, contact the Resident Involvement Manager, Melissa Speechley on: 01733 385142 or email melissa.speechley@crosskeyshomes.co.uk.

Group Board members

  • Claire Higgins, Chief Executive

  • Andy Orrey, Chair

  • Liz Bisset, Co-Vice Chair

  • Suzanne O'Brian, Co-Vice Chair

  • Beverley Starling, Resident Board Vice Chair

  • Donald Bell

  • Nav Singh Kalkat 

  • Anthony Riley

  • Bruce Kerr

  • Amanda Rawlings, Co-optee

Residents Board members 

  • Beverley Starling, Vice Chair

  • Penelope Davis

  • Paul Matthews

  • Karen Igho

  • David Barnes 

  • Natlie Seaber

  • Lee Lavery

  • Paul Stacey (Stakeholder representative)

  • Rachel Blakemore (Stakeholder representative)