Healthy living

Feeling well is important but it is not always easy to make the time to look after yourself. Our services are here to help you focus on healthy living. 

Lose weight

We’ve joined with Healthy You to offer a free Adult Weight Management Programme for people living with mental health challenges. We know that losing weight is not always easy - especially if you are living with poor mental health - but Healthy You is here to help.

What can it help with?: Face to face coaching, either online or in person, will help you to make healthy food choices and increase your activity levels.The most important reason to lose weight is to make you feel better. Being overweight or obese also puts you at higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, or having a stroke or heart attack.

Where: Online or in person 

When: 12 weeks, starting whenever you are ready. 

Who can sign up?: To join the programme, you’ll need to have a BMI of over 25 (we can help you to work that out, if you don’t know) and be living with mental health challenges.

Join the weight management programme 

Falls Clinic

We’ve joined with Healthy You to offer a free falls clinic for people over the age of  65. 

What can it help with?: Find out if you are at risk of falling. You’ll receive a personalised plan and exercise programme to improve your strength and balance and reduce your risk of falling.

Where: South Bretton Family and Community Centre.

When: You can sign up at any time. 

Who can sign up?: Anyone over the age of 65 who is worried about falling. 

Register for the Falls Clinic