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Paying your rent is your main responsibility as a CKH resident. We expect you to pay on time, every time.

Pay now

Login to MyCKH to pay online. Have your credit or debit card details to hand to make an immediate, secure payment. Check your current balance or download a copy of your rent statement whenever you need to on MyCKH.  

Call our 24/7 automated payment line to make a payment with your credit or debit card over the phone 0330 088 3786. 

You can also pay your rent easily online using the secure  AllPay website. You'll need to register online before making your first payment. 

Allpay has recently made some changes to increase the security of online, text and app payments. You may be asked to verify your payment through your banking app, by providing a unique code sent to your mobile phone, or answering a personal security question. If you use a Mastercard or Visa card to buy things online, you’ve probably had to verify other online purchases already. The process is the same and is simply here to help protect you and your money.

Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, just complete the simple Direct Debit form to tell us how much you want to pay and on which date or call to speak to a member of the team on 01733 396483


Talk to us

If you need to talk to us about your account, call our Incomes Advisers on 01733 396483. We're available 8am to 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with advisers available until 6pm on Mondays and Thursdays.  You can also talk to a member of the team via Live Chat or email to request a call back


Cost of living support 

If you receive low income benefits, you are probably eligible to receive an extra cost of living payment from the government. You will receive this payment automatically, you do not need to apply.  For information about cost of living payments, visit  If you're worried about keeping your account on track, why not think about using these payments to build up credit on your account?

The government has created a Household Support Fund to help people who are struggling to stay on top of the bills. You may be able to claim support to help with essentials, such as utilities, through the Household Support Fund.  Citizens Advice (for adults aged 18 to pensionable age) and  Age UK (adults above pensionable age) are administering the fund on behalf of Peterborough City Council and can guide you through the process. Check the website of your local council for information about how to access the fund in other areas.

Every household will receive £400 from the government's Energy Bills Support Scheme this winter. Find out more about how you will receive your payments at 

Did you know that the government believes some people would be better off on Universal Credit (UC). If you’re still receiving tax credits or other ‘legacy’ benefits (those are the benefits that are being phased out and replaced by UC over time), you can choose to move your claim to UC if it means that you would receive more money each month. Find out more about completing the move to Universal Credit at Use our benefits calculator before you make any decisions to check which is the best option for your current circumstances. Not everyone will be better off claiming UC, so make sure you check before you change.

Money Advice Service

Did you know we offer a free, confidential Money Advice Service to help you manage your finances? Call 01733 396483 or use our money advice form to get in touch . 

Our budgeting tool could help you take control of your finances. Enter information about your income and spending, for advice on how you can achieve a balanced budget. Watch our video if you are not sure how to get started:

Use our simple benefits calculator to find out what you may be able to claim. Watch our how to video that will guide you through the process:


Other ways to pay

You can also pay: