Get involved

Together we can develop and improve our services for all of our customers. From how well we explain our policies to where we spend our money, you can have a say on what happens at CKH.

You’ll also get a huge amount out of getting involved. You’ll:

  • Grow in confidence, meet new people and gain skills that can help you in the workplace
  • Make a real difference to the place you live
  • Have a say on how our money is spent and the service we provide
  • Get access to training and support with childcare costs as well as reimbursement for any travel costs.

The best place to start is to get in touch with us for a chat about which involvement group will work best for you. Call our Communities team on 01733 396404 or email

Involvement opportunities

Depending on how much time you have to give, we have a choice of ways for you to get involved:

Residents Board

Joining the Residents Board is your chance to define how our landlord services are run. With its own budget and a seat on our CKH Group Board, the Residents Board influences the strategies we have in place and the services we offer.

Residents Independent Scrutiny Panel

Take a closer look at our services, policies and procedures from a customer point of view. The panel make recommendations straight to the Residents Board. 

Area Panel

Working closely with our Neighbourhood Management team, the panel finds areas that can be improved, through landscaping, better lighting or increased security, for example. 

Resident Liaison Group

Help us consider wider housing issues and make sure our services are addressing these issues while keeping the needs of our customers at heart.

Strictly Involvement Group 

Monitor customer feedback and communication to make sure we're not missing opportunities to improve. The Strictly Involvement Group is also responsible for considering equality and diversity factors for policies that affect our customers.

Retirement Housing Forum

Residents from across our retirement housing schemes come together to make sure our services are working as they should for older customers.

Remote Engagement

Get involved without commiting to meetings. Share your feedback through surveys, consultations and polls - all done online! 

Call our Communities team on 01733 396404 or email

You can find out more in  Our Resident Involvement Policy [pdf] 142KB