Changes to your home

We're committed to providing you with a home that's in good repair, modern and safe to live in. Each year we spend millions improving, maintaining and adapting our homes. We do this through planned programmes of work and we also allow you to make small changes yourself, with our permission.

Permission to make changes

If you'd like to make changes to your home, then you'll need to ask for our permission first. For example, you might want to install a satellite dish or CCTV, put up a shed or greenhouse, or adapt your kitchen or bathroom.

Our home improvement leaflet gives you more information as well as some useful advice so it's important that you read this first.

To ask permission to make a change, simply complete the form below and we'll reply within 28 days. Soon, you'll need to apply for permission to make changes to your home via MyCKH. Register your MyCKH account today.

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Please be aware, we maintain a register of where asbestos is, or is assumed to be in your home. If you're planning changes or maintenance and you think you have asbestos in your home, always ask our permission first so that we can advise if any asbestos is present. Please contact us on 01733 385000.

Planned improvements by us

We have a planned home improvement programme which ensures your home exceeds the Government's Decent Homes standard. This might involve fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, upgrading electrics or adding new windows and doors. We also maintain our neighbourhoods by repairing fencing, improving footpaths and green spaces, and adding better lighting.

We check the condition of our homes through regular surveys which help us to create a planned programme of improvements. When you report a routine repair, we'll tell you if we can include the job in this type of work. This approach helps us to keep costs down.

To see if your home is scheduled for a new kitchen, bathroom or heating system view our Planned Improvements Programme 2017-2018

For more information on our planned improvement works programme, call our contractors Mears on: 01733 385149 or contact our Customer Services team on 01733 385000 or via email:

Aids and adaptations 

Our aids and adaptations scheme is designed to help you or a member of your family remain independent in your own home.

If you or a member of your family has a disability or difficulty moving around the home, for example getting in and out of the bath, it might be possible to adapt your home.

Read our  Our aids and adaptions service leaflet or call us on 01733 385000 for more information.