CKH Inclusion Pledge

We value the strength and positive contribution that comes from diversity in our customers, employees , partners and governance and commit to be supportive, welcoming and inclusive. Our pledge is our public commitment to build a more inclusive business for everyone.

To our customers we pledge to:

  • Know and understand you by ensuring we collect, hold and use accurate, up to date and relevant data to make decisions.
  • Ensure everyone has equal opportunity to access our services, by ensuring we have , increased awareness of the diversity of our current and future customers and communities.
  • Continually ensure that this information is maintained and refreshed.
  • Ensure no one is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be necessary and justified.
  • Ensure our workforce is diverse and reflects the communities we work in.
  • Work with partners and suppliers who share our aim for inclusion.
  • Take action whenever we see, hear or know of anything that isn’t inclusive. 

To our employees we pledge to:

  • Create an inclusive workplace and ensure current and prospective employees have equality of opportunity for recruitment, selection, terms and conditions of employment, training, development and career progression.
  • Disability Confident logo Adopt and adhere to appropriate schemes, including Disability Confident to cement our pledge to employees.
  • Support and celebrate the diversity of our employees through our Social and Inclusion Committee.
  • Ensure we benefit from the different perspectives our employees offer.
  • Ensure employee wellbeing is at the heart of our HR practices, with a particular emphasis on maintaining the good mental health of our employees, as well as responding to the needs of our employees who are carers, by committing to Harry’s Pledge.

Through our governance we pledge to:

  • Continue to develop a live, evolving and proactive Equality and Diversity Action Plan, giving the opportunity for real-time action to meet regulatory, legal and best practice outcomes. This plan will give more robust evidence, upon which to make an informed decision as regards the future direction of our inclusion provisions.
  • Ensure our Board promotes, leads and scrutinises our Equality Pledge and Action Plan on an annual basis.
  • Raise awareness of the Action Plan within CKH to ensure employees and customers recognise everyone has the right to fair treatment and equality of opportunities.


Through our work with other partners we pledge to:

  • Work in partnership with others to promote diversity, including embedding this within our Procurement Policy, when procuring goods and services.
  • Seek to benchmark our performance and progress against other housing associations and those outside the sector where appropriate.
  • Continue to develop partnerships that increase positive pathways.