Defects in new build homes

COVID-19 update 

When you contact us, please be ready to tell us about the members of your household, specifically any vulnerable household members or anyone who is displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Defects are faults that happen within new buildings within the first few months following construction. They are generally due to material failures, workmanship issues or other issues such as missing parts. The developer is obliged to correct faults which are identified as defects.

A defect is a fault which is related to:

  • Poor design (not fit for purpose)

  • Poor workmanship

  • Faulty manufacture/ materials

  • A component or part is missing, for example an area of floor covering or tiling.

It is not a defect if:

  • It has been caused by wear and tear

  • You have caused the damage

  • It's a lack of understanding on how to operate items in the house, for example a boiler.

Report a defect 

CKH report defaults to the developer on your behalf. Call us on 01733 396411 with details of the issue or email including your contact details. 

We will visit your home to complete an 'End of Defect' inspection, when the defect period on your home is due to expire. Your End of Defect date should be in the information we gave you when you moved in and we will contact your when the appointment is due.