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Get online with help from CKH

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We are supporting even more digitally excluded people to get online thanks to funding from the Openreach Digital Place Project.

The £2,250 funding will enable us to support more than 75 people to access online training through the Learn My Way portal. This training will help people to get the IT skills they need to look for work, access online services and keep connected with friends and family.

The Learn My Way system of teaching IT skills has been developed by the ‘Good Things’ Foundation, and we supplement the teaching with one to one support, to ensure that no-one struggles alone.

Our Chief Executive, Claire Higgins, said: “Lockdown has really highlighted the importance of digital inclusion. Those people without the skills and ability to get online have struggled far more with isolation, once their traditional social networks were cut off.


“At CKH we are determined to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get the skills they need to keep in touch and to access all the benefits from being online. This funding is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach even more people, and open up an online world for them.”

Margaret Foster, who recently completed the Learn My Way computer course said: “Doing this course has been life changing! Everything is online these days and you are really left behind if you don’t learn these skills – you become prehistoric! I also feel really proud of myself for achieving this – it’s huge for me, I’d never even switched on a computer before. I had to start right from the beginning. The support I got on the course was fantastic, and I now find my new life online really liberating and empowering.”

If you would like to find out more about the training available call 01733 396404 or email