Residents Awards Winners 2023 | Latest news and updates

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Residents Awards Winners 2023

The winners of the 2023 Residents Awards have been chosen! After a year of incredible dedication and lots of nominations, we’re really happy to share the winners of our annual Residents Awards. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who sent in their nominations.

Congratulations to all the amazing winners! Your accomplishments and dedication have really stood out. As well as celebrating winners in 6 different categories, we’ve also acknowledged 11 outstanding people as runners up for their achievements.

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Here are the 2023 Residents Awards Winners:

Good Neighbour

Megan has been a great support to her neighbour, who has been suffering with chronic illness. She helps with childcare, grocery shopping and taking the children on days out when their mum is having a bad day with her health. She always goes the extra mile.

Good Neighbour: Retirement Living/ Extra Care 

John received numerous heartfelt nominations for his consistent support and selflessness. Always ready to assist anyone in need, he helps out with offering rides, moving furniture, and organising the weekly bingo with a smile. Despite facing his own health challenges, he selflessly supports others, from hospital appointments to pet care. John is a pillar of support, making everyone feel welcome and cared for at Kingfisher Court.

Young Achiever 

Angel attended a Tall Ships young persons’ voyage with Ken Stimpson Community School and was very committed from the first day. Throughout the week, she fearlessly embraced new challenges, engaged in every task, and generously supported and motivated others with a smile on her face. Angel’s positivity created an uplifting environment for others, making her a great member of the crew.

Personal Achiever 

Hollie, previously a Kickstart pre-apprentice with our Communities team, faced challenges finding employment at the end of her placement, which left her feeling unmotivated. Hollie decided to proactively change her circumstances and took charge of the situation by a volunteer at the Westwood Hub twice a week. Hollie has also started a course that will help her reach her goal to work in probation. Her commitment and proactive approach are paving the way for a bright future.

Community Champion

Jamie’s commitment to West Raven Community Garden as a volunteer has been outstanding. He applies himself to gardening with a strong work ethic, dependability, and a sharp focus on safety. His involvement in projects and public events significantly contributed to their success and it wouldn’t have been possible without him. Jamie is our deserving winner for being so committed and caring.

CKH Team Member 

Zeinab is a Retirement Housing Scheme Manager and received numerous nominations due to her exceptional support. Residents say she is trustworthy, always available and ready to help. Zeinab’s hard work has significantly impacted the community in both Little Northfields and The Acres. She’s always willing to go beyond her duties, actively supporting events and offering assistance whenever needed.