LifeLine Annual Report 2022-23

Our LifeLine service has enjoyed another successful year of providing its lifesaving support to people across the region. The service provides a secure cornerstone for our growing support service for older people. Our LifeLine is provided in all our retirement and extra care housing provision, as well as to private customers, and continues to give people peace of mind, that help is just the touch of a button away.

Our care and LifeLine service work together to support residents with a combination of technology and in person care, tailoring the service to individuals’ needs and working social and health care professionals to offer the best support options possible.

Our care, LifeLine, retirement housing and extra care housing teams all work closely together to provide a seamless, integrated service to offer our customers the perfect level of support to suit their needs at any time in their life. Our flexible service also changes as those needs change, to ensure customers receive the support, dignity and independence they desire and deserve.

You can find out more about our range of support options vist our independent living pages

We continue to work closely with local authorities to provide the best options to support people in their own homes. Our Control Centre also continues to offer a call response service to a range of other organisations, ensuring our knowledge and experience compliments and add value to their services.


Here’s how we performed over the past year

Customer satisfaction:

We received 1,519 responses to the annual satisfaction survey. The results showed that:

  • 99.73% of customers are satisfied with the quality of the service they received from LifeLine.
  • 99.59% of customers are satisfied with the speed of response to their calls.
  • 99.93% find our LifeLine team helpful.
  • 99.37% feel that their LifeLine represents good value for money.
  • 99.80% would recommend LifeLine to someone else.

We received no complaints about our service.

During the year we received 106 compliments.

Thank you to all our customers who took the time to complete our survey or contacted us with feedback. It’s your feedback that allows us to tailor our LifeLine service to meet your needs. Here’s what some of our customers said:

“Thank you for the service that you provided for my mum when she felt unwell. An ambulance was called to help, and she was admitted to hospital for three days. She said that we provide a wonderful service, and she would not be without it.” Mrs R.

Thank you for arranging help for me earlier today. When I fell in my garage I was too far away from my base unit to talk to you, but thanks to you calling my granddaughter she was able to come over and all is well now! I’m very appreciative of your service.” Mr P

“Thank you for the great service that that the team provide. My mother has had her LifeLine for around four years, and whenever she calls for assistance, she says everyone is so kind and helpful. The service is helping mum to remain in her own house whilst keeping her safe and independent.”  Daughter of Mrs R.

“Thank you, LifeLine, for your help yesterday when mum fell. She has got a broken hip and is currently in hospital, we are very grateful for your quick response.” Daughter of Mrs D



  • 100% of 77 critical repairs to LifeLine equipment were completed within 48 hours.
  • 100% of 754 non-critical repairs to LifeLine equipment were completed within 11 days.


Call volume and response times:

  • 8,313 LifeLine connections are currently monitored by our Control Centre.
  • A total of 283,879  calls came through the Control Centre in the year, a decrease of 78,026 from the year before.
  • 23,657 calls per month on average.

Our call response times over the year (April 2022 - March 2023) have exceeded our targets again. 

  • 98.31% (target 97.5%) of calls were answered within 60 seconds.
  • 99.69% (target 99%) of calls were answered within 180 seconds.

During the year we called an ambulance to service users 6,668 times, the fire service 526 times and the police 200 times.



  • 100% of 187 non-urgent installations were completed within 15 working days.
  • 98.65% of 29 urgent installations were completed within two days.