Repairs guidance - lights and light bulbs

You’re responsible for all lightbulbs in your home. It’s really straightforward to replace any of them when they break.

Replacing a fluorescent lightbulb

  1. Switch off the light

  2. Remove the light cover – there’s a slot between the cover and the part of the light that is fixed to the ceiling, put a coin in the slot and twist to remove the cover. Hold on to the cover so it doesn’t fall!

  3. Remove the fluorescent tube by twisting it – the end of the tube will have a number and size written on it, use this information to find the right replacement

  4. Twist the new tube into place

  5. Put the cover back.


Flickering lights

When fluorescent lights flicker, it can be because the starter needs changing. The starter is a time switch that helps the tube light up – you can buy them in any DIY store.

To change a starter:

  1. Turn off the light switch

  2. Turn off the electricity from the fuse board

  3. Remove the starter by twisting it anti-clockwise for a quarter of a turn

  4. Put the new starter in and turn it clockwise to lock it in position.

If you have tried changing the light bulb and starter, login to MyCKH to report a repair.