Maintaining your home

You are responsible for maintaining your home – your lease explains all the details.

We will take care of communal areas. Login to MyCKH report a communal repair. If there’s an emergency in the communal areas, we will repair or make safe within 24 hours.  Otherwise, we will sort it within 28 days. 

Emergency repairs: call us on 01733 385030 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you see something, report it.  If it’s already been reported then we’ll tell you we are on the case.

New build defects

Things don’t look quite right? New build properties have a one year defect period. This starts from the date the property is handed over to CKH, not the date you move in. We told you the end date for your defect period when you moved in.

We don’t deal with defects ourselves, we pass all the information over to the developer, and it’s the developer who would attend to these if applicable.  

Your handover pack will tell you all you need to know about defects or take a look at our defects page to learn more about defects and how to report them.

Planned works

Our planned maintenance programme sets out the plan for replacing items we’re responsible for. 

Planned maintenance is based on the age, type and condition of each item. These works ensure the building doesn’t fall into disrepair (and help protect your asset). We understand it’s important to consider the financial implications.

Reserve funds

Reserve funds help you prepare for major works or emergencies.

Paying in helps spread the cost of major works, so you are less likely to have to pay extra when they happen. 

Your lease will tell you if you have a reserve fund. We don’t offer payment plans, so start putting money aside to cover future works if you don’t have a reserve fund.

Changes to your home

Structural works to your home need our permission before work can begin. Email to tell us about changes you have planned. Permission from CKH does not replace the need for planning permission or building regulation certification from your local authority. Talk to us on live chat to check which works require permission.