Service charges

Pay your service charges

If you’re a leaseholder, we’ll contact you once a year with details of the service charge for the year ahead. This payment is required in full and in advance.

If you’re a shared owner you will pay rent to us as well as your service charges. As long as you pay at least four weeks in advance, you can pay on any day that suits you. We recommend setting up a monthly Direct Debit payment. To set up your Direct Debit complete our Direct Debit Form -[pdf] or call us on 01733 396483. Find out more ways to pay.


Service charges - what are they? 

Homeowners pay service charges, which we use to keep your surroundings in tip-top condition.

Rent and service charges are crucial to maintaining high standards. So it’s very important, for you and for us, that you pay your all of your charges when they are due.

What's included?

The services you pay for depend on where you live. They may include (but are not limited to):

  • Communal areas: lighting, water and heating where applicable
  • Cleaning and maintaining communal areas
  • Caretaking and security
  • Repairs and improvements
  • Lift maintenance
  • Maintaining door and gate entry systems
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Audit fees
  • Bin hires
  • Estate management fees
  • Communal building insurance
  • A reserve fund towards the cost of cyclical repairs or major works.


I’m not happy with my service charges

We’re sorry to hear that! We do our very best to make sure these charges are reasonable and good value for money.  If you’re not happy or don’t think this is the case, then email us.

The leasehold advisory service also offers free, independent assistance.

What happens if I don’t pay?

In order to deliver services to your block, we need you to pay your service charge promptly after receiving your statement.

Non-payment will always prompt a call from one of our Income Advisers, and maybe even a visit to your home! If we can’t get hold of you, we will pursue your debt in accordance with your lease (which may lead to added interest). If necessary we will get solicitors involved and contact your mortgage lender.

If you fail to talk to us about making payments towards rent or service charge arrears we will take possession proceedings against you and you could lose your home. Make sure you talk to us as soon as you can.


I can’t make my service charge payment in full

You should always budget for your service charge and make the payment in full. However, we understand exceptional circumstances can arise which make managing your finances difficult. In these exceptional circumstances we will expect you to complete an income expenditure or affordability assessment so we can decide how we can help you plan to pay your current and any future charges.

The key is to communicate with us as early as possible. So email or call us on 01733 385000.