Service charges

Service charges are issued annually to most leaseholders, usually at the end of September. 

The service charge usually includes items such as repairs and maintenance, planned works, buildings insurance and the management fee. 

Please note that service charges will vary depending on the terms of your individual lease. If there are no service charges applicable to your property, we'll write to tell you.

If you have any queries about your invoice, contact 01733 385000 or email:

How to pay your service charges

You can pay your service charges:

You'll need to pay your invoice as soon as you receive it. 

If your invoice is more than £250 we can, in certain exceptional circumstances, agree to let you pay in installments by direct debit. To discuss this option with an Incomes Advisor, call: 01733 396483.

If you're struggling to pay your bill, it's important that you contact us straight away on: 01733 396483. We can offer confidential and friendly advice.

What are service charges?

Service charges are your share of the cost of managing, maintaining, repairing, insuring and providing services to the block you live in. The charges you pay depend on the terms of your lease. We're required to send you a request for payment either within 18 months of the cost being incurred, or the last time we told you that a cost would be incurred.

Service charges are divided into four areas:

  • repairs and maintenance (including major works if applicable)
  • services
  • insurance
  • management and administration.

You might have more charges if you own a property that has extra facilities such as:

  • caretaking services
  • cleaning communal areas
  • lift services
  • door entry systems
  • communal boiler 
  • communal gardens.

Repairs and maintenance: We'll carry out regular maintenance to make sure the exterior and structure of your home is wind and weatherproof.

Services: This covers items such as communal lighting, cleaning, caretaking, lift maintenance and grounds maintenance.

Management and administration charges: We try to keep our management and administration charges low. These charges cover the following activities:

  • providing a leasehold management service
  • service charge calculation
  • collecting and accounting for service charge payments
  • recovery of arrears
  • arranging buildings insurance (where applicable)
  • handling insurance claims
  • responding to customer queries
  • providing a response-based repairs service for items that we're responsible for maintaining
  • undertaking inspection visits
  • consulting with leaseholders about management issues
  • providing newsletters and handbooks
  • holding regular leaseholder forum meetings
  • sundry expenditure such as stationery, telephones and IT systems.

How is the service charge set?

The service charge year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. By the end of September, we'll send you a service charge invoice for the year which ended the pervious March, showing the following:

  • an estimate of the costs we expect to have to pay during the current year
  • the actual costs for the previous year based on our accounting records
  • the difference between the actual costs and the estimated costs that we charged you in the previous year. If the actual costs are greater than the amount we estimated, we'll tell you what the difference is and we'll ask you to pay. If they're less, we'll deduct the difference from the total bill for the current year
  • the current balance on your account
  • the total amount you need to pay, based on the above breakdown.

You can discuss your service charge account with us by calling: 01733 385000.