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Shared ownership application

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The information you provide in this form will enable us to assess your eligibility.


If you intend to live with a partner/relative or friend, please ensure you select 'yes' for the Joint Application option below.

Please note you will need to complete all the relevant answers and will need the following information to hand:

  • Name, postal address and contact details of all applicants
  • Current email address(es) and your most contactable telephone number(s)
  • Employment details of one or both applicants (eg Gross salary, start date, etc.)
  • Details of all additional incomes (bonus, Working Tax Credits, overtime, benefits, etc.)
  • Details of all outstanding debts/credit (loans, credit card balances)
  • Deposit amount available
  • Help to Buy: Shared Ownership application reference number. For Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire, please complete your one-time eligibility registration at For East Northamptonshire, Kettering & Lincolnshire please visit
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*This is a mandatory field. DECLARATION - I have read and have access to all above information
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*This is a mandatory field. Is any applicant expecting a baby?
*This is a mandatory field. I have a County Court Judgement, loan default, debt management plan or missed payments
*This is a mandatory field. Declaration of relationship: Are you or any member of your household related to, or have a close relationship with any person who is employed by Cross Keys Homes?

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