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Worried about UC cuts? Talk to us today

If you receive Universal Credit (UC), from this month (October) your payments are going to be reduced. The government has decided to end the extra Universal Credit payment that they introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic. This change will affect everyone who receive UC.

Your UC journal has been updated with the information about the change to your payments. Make sure you login to check when your payment will be reduced and by how much.

We understand that losing this income might impact on your finances, but paying your rent and protecting your home must be your top priority. If you are worried about paying your rent after your UC payment is cut, please talk to us as soon as you can. Call our Income Management team on 01733 396483  or start a live chat on our website six days a week.. Advisers are available 8am to 5pm on weekdays,  and until 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as every Saturday 9am to 12 noon. You can also request a support session with our Money Adviser via MyCKH.

We’re here to help and may be able to offer advice on how you can increase your income, manage your budget, or deal with existing debt.  Please do not wait until it is too late, talk to us today.