How we're performing

We aim to deliver excellent services to all our residents throughout the year and we monitor our performance to track how we are doing. This dashboard lets you see how well we are performing against the targets we set ourselves and, in particular, where we need to improve.

The information you can see here is the same data that we use as a business to manage our services to ensure we deliver quality experiences and also to identify areas for improvement. Our involved residents helped us design this dashboard to make sure you, our residents, have access to the information you need. 

As well as the regular performance that we monitor all the time, this dashboard also includes the results of our most recent resident satisfaction survey. You’ll find those results in the section called ‘Resident Voice’.

The data currently shows our performance from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Using the dashboard

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To help keep our website working as well as possible, the dashboard will only load when you tell it to. When you’re ready to look at our performance information, just click the button that says ‘View interactive content’.

Then click on the topic you are interested in: Repairs, Complaints and Feedback, Our Homes, Health and Safety, Resident Voice. You can browse the performance information related to that topic - there are several different numbers that we report on for each topic.

Understanding the dashboard

We use a red-amber-green rating to show how well we are doing:

  • Green means we're on target
  • Amber means we're nearly there
  • Red means there is more work to do to make sure we're achieving the standards and quality we want to. 

Underneath each diagram, we tell you when the information was last updated, for example, ‘March 2022’.

We’re pleased to have mostly met your expectations and the targets we set. There are some areas where we want our performance to improve:


We know the performance of our repairs service is very important to you. There are three areas we didn’t do as well as we wanted to: appointments kept, first fix and delivery of routine repairs. Although our contractors, Mears, missed our target for being on time for appointments, in most cases, contractors arrived within 10 minutes of the arranged time and on the same day. We are working with Mears to improve this. Like many other companies, Mears have been experiencing delays with materials needed for repairs which delayed completions especially routine repairs. We now keep more commonly needed parts and materials in stock. We also looked at the most common repairs and looked at how we can prevent these occurring in the first place.

Health and Safety

Your health and safety is our priority and we are disappointed that we had a small number of overdue inspections and assessments at 31 March 2022.  We reviewed our approach to fire risks assessment and now start the process two months before the inspection due date (instead of one).  Our lift inspections are now managed by one contractor which makes it easier to ensure all works happen on time. In April 2022, all fire risk assessment and lift inspections were completed.

Complaints and feedback

We missed our target for responding to Right First Time feedback promptly within 2 days. At the beginning of the year some processes were not being followed properly, so we provided training for our teams and by the end of the year we were beating our targets, something we are maintaining this year.

Resident voice

The recent resident satisfaction survey was the first time we used the new tenant satisfaction measures brought in by the government. These results give us our benchmark of where we are today.  We will be reporting on these twice a year and our aim is to use your feedback to improve our scores. We particularly want to understand our low score in dealing with anti-social behaviour so we can work to improve this.